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Art for the Heart

Actual size of art is not to scale. Prints can be ordered in various sizes.


Pat Bon Barro Artist in Columbia Tennessee

Poiema Studio Gallery showcases fine arts that feature beautiful landscapes created with the intent to evoke emotions and move hearts. With formal training in fine arts and over four decades of combined experience in commercial arts, photography and plein air art, Pat Bon Barro’s artistry shows a familiarity with a wide variety of expertise. 


His goal with each painting is for viewers to experience a meaningful connection to art and nature. He approaches his paintings with deep admiration and awe for God’s creation, knowing that He is the Master Artist and Creator. 


It is Pat’s passion, delight and life commitment to capture scenes that The Master Artist has “painted” for everyone’s pleasure.

How I Learned to Love Art

I first discovered I had a love for art in the fifth grade in Guam where I lived and grew up. There was a man named Mr. Card who came into our classroom and gave us art lessons. He brought all the supplies for all 22 kids and volunteered his time. This was especially impactful because I had never even seen real art supplies, much less got to use them. I'll never forget the first lesson he gave us. It was a watercolor painting of a seascape and it was cool!  Mr. Card went on to teach us oil painting and as before he provided all the art supplies. He really inspired me and soon I was spending a lot of time doing art. After school I started drawing superheroes from comic books. Batman was my favorite.

I'll never forget Mr. Card and what he did for me. His generosity and kindness changed the course of my life. It's my desire to "pay it forward" and invest in people's lives. and pass on what I've learned over the years. Not just the techniques but also the love of art. Hopefully I can make a positive impact in the lives of our future artists. 

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